Research Stories

Global Development

For more than 50 years, the Congregation of Holy Cross, the founding religious community of the University of Notre Dame, has been ministering with the people of Haiti. Today, Holy Cross Father Thomas Streit has been fighting to eliminate the chain of transmission of lymphatic filariasis.


Prof. Joan Brennecke is breaking new ground in the effort to reduce our impact on the Earth. Through her innovative research in ionic liquid, the University of Notre Dame is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading research institutions fighting to contain carbon dioxide emissions. As Prof. Brennecke notes, “We're going to have to find other ways of generating the power and energy that we need, or we need to be able to capture the CO2 that we produce from the burning fossil fuels.”

Catholic Character

In response to a need for skilled teachers and school leaders, the University of Notre Dame founded ACE, the Alliance for Catholic Education. The program trains and places educators into needy Catholic schools all over the United States.

Life of the Mind

The great thinkers of the world, past and present, extend the realm of the possible. Year after year, they also continue to inspire generations of University of Notre Dame students and alumni. While studying philosophy at Notre Dame, Paul E. Tierney Jr. (’64) was inspired to "think different." Today, after a successful career in business, he is chairman of TechnoServe, a nonprofit organization that provides training and guidance to entrepreneurs in developing economies in India, Africa, and Latin America.